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    The end result being that I was going to be forced to wear underwear like my saying "I'll finally have a little sister instead of a freak of a brother.

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    10 Jun 2007 Little boys wear little boys underwear and not their sisters panties. I caught my pervert little brother stealing my panties again,…

    bedroom I shared with my older brother, and finally decided to take my sister's party dress My sister, three years older than I, thought it was a great idea, [whisper] I wish they had "made" me wear the ruffled panty! I was never forced to cross-dress. Once, however, I was asked if I would dress as

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    She also started putting my sister's panties in with my bikinis after laundering . You shouldn't force it on him, but rather do something nice that he would with my sister and mom; along with the normal brother and son moments.

    TG captions and stories of crossdressing, forced feminization and women getting the upper hand "It's about my brother Brian and my panties." He kept moaning on that he didn't have any to wear and he was late and needed something

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    13 Jun 2010 I'm 13 and i wear panties and even lingerie, i'm not gay, same thing in regards to my 16 yr old brother wearing my underwear and bras

    His dress was a party dress my sister had worn to many of the birthday parties Do you mean you are asking or even begging to have panties on your sissy bottoms? Jane laughed, 'Ha ha ha look at my sissy brother and cousin. Petticoating is especially effective when the boys are forced to wear much more

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    6 Sep 2007 My sister always wore low rise jeans, and her whale tail was always showing. the fact that you would be my BROTHER....wearing my UNDERWEAR. I wear panties or thongs everyday and it was my wife that got it started

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    I just caught my brother wearing my panties again what should. "So, are you going to wear frilly knickers with your. A Sister's Love - "My brother did not force me doctor, I front and back of a pair of knickers so thoroughly.

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